The Engagement: Lynn & Mike

I love love. It started in childhood when I married off my Barbies, continued in middle school dreams of Romeo & Juliet (both the Shakespeare and Baz Luhrmann editions) and endured through the sweeping romances of Daphne DuMaurier’s Frenchman’s Creek and the subtler sweetness of Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle in high school. From screen and page to admiring the people holding hands in the park, I am a romantic through and through.

Which is why I was so very excited to photograph my very good friend Lynn and her fiancé Mike. Their story is every bit as lovely as my favorite fictions; they met while working at Harvard and everything just fell into place for them.

They are a beautiful couple and two of the kindest people I know. So, of course, they were generous enough to allow me to practice my engagement portrait photography skills on them.

It was such a fun afternoon! A bit cold in Charlestown near the water, but not too bad when we got to Harvard Square, where it all began for Lynn and Mike.

It was easy to photograph friends; I felt completely comfortable calling out directions and suggestions at them. I don’t think they minded too much, either! Lynn had a ton of ideas for backgrounds and poses, and though Mike isn’t the biggest fan of being photographed, he hung in there with the best of them. Letting your fiancée and her friend run you around in an afternoon-long photo shoot – that’s true love!

I cannot wait to see pictures of Lynn in her wedding dress on the big day; I’ve been shopping with her around Boston, and let’s just say I think Mike’s in for it. She will be an incredibly beautiful bride.

Mike is from Miami, where he and Lynn will be moving next summer after their wedding. I will be so very sad to lose one of my greatest friends and favorite couples to the Sunshine State, but you better believe I’ll be visiting Florida more often! They should expect me every February while I still live in Boston – that’s about when I simply cannot take the cold anymore!

Harvard Yard and the Square were beautiful backdrops for the shoot. It’s also so much more special to photograph people in an environment that means something to them.

And of course, we got the obligatory ring shot:

Nice job picking out that beauty, Mike!

Thank you so much, my friends, for letting me spend the day with you. I hope you had as much fun as I did!



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9 responses to “The Engagement: Lynn & Mike

  1. Tori Keenan-Zelt

    Oh my goodness, Julie. These are gorgeous! Lynn, you are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Lynn Chi

    Julie, you brought me to tears!!!! We (well I) loved every minute of it. Thanks so much for being a part of my life and the photos came out sooooooo beautifully! xoxoxo

  3. Judy Greenberg

    Am I prejudice because you are my niece???

    great photos and blog!

    xoxoxo Aunt Judy

  4. Armando Andreani Luis

    Wow, these pictures are adorable. Great job!

  5. gisela valdes

    What wonderful pictures, you captured the essence of their happiness, what a beautiful story in pictures. Thank you for sharing, Michael’s mom

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