Shapes and Graphics on Campus

This week at school we learned to notice things: shapes, lines, frames, foreground and background. It’s called “Photographic Seeing,” at least, that’s what the school has named it! In order to achieve this, we spent our days on location, doing very interesting, and often difficult, assignments.

The goal of day one: photograph things not for what they are, but for their shapes and graphic forms.

The setting: Brandeis University, a playground of modern architecture (which made it almost easy to accomplish our goal).

The challenge for me was the weather! It was in the forties in the morning, and even with gloves, earmuffs, and my puffy coat, hours spent outside get pretty chilly. I managed, but just barely.

It’s amazing what you see when you change your focus from “things” to something else, like shape and form. I loved how this wall of windows became a street of windows, how the side of a generator became a shadowy progression of repeated shape.

Buildings shot at unconventional angles presented amazing new faces:

The cold aside, it was a fabulous day, and I loved being on a college campus again, even if for just a few hours. I will definitely be looking around for shapes and forms, the graphics of a thing rather than just the thing itself, as I progress as a photographer. What a difference a morning can make on your outlook!



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