Shoe Lovers in the Studio

This week we started learning the complexities of studio lighting, and what better models to start with than SHOES?

They don’t move and they look good. Case closed.

We were restricted to one light source and various light modifiers for this week’s projects. I can now proudly say that I know about hot lights, strobe kits and power packs, C-stands, grid spots, snoots, scrims, cucolorises (“cookies”), flags, sweeps, and more. Bottom line: lighting is hard. But fun!

And, most importantly, you get some interesting photos.

Since I take the commuter rail to school, I only brought in two pairs of shoes: my yellow rose platforms and my red heart kitten heels (they were my wedding shoes!), but my classmates literally stuffed their cars with shoes, so we had plenty to work with.

We got really into fun juxtapositions and interesting set-ups. It’s amazing how the slightest change in lighting can completely alter your photo. This kinds of hands-on experience was the perfect method to start to learn lighting.

A day in the studio goes by quickly, but when I got home, I definitely noticed that I had been standing and bending for eight straight hours. I need some less photographable, more supportive shoes for this kind of work!


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