Adventures in Photoshop

Last week at school we dove into Photoshop for the first time. Now, I haven’t used Photoshop since junior year of high school when I replaced gravestones with swirly straws for some random assignment. The program has been updated since then, and updated a lot, so it was definitely a good idea to go over the software again.

My feelings after Photoshop I are that I would rather take a good photograph in the first place and not have to go in afterward to fix it up. Lightroom does most of the adjustments I would ever want to make to a photo, so I really don’t see myself using Photoshop all that much.

Watch me eat my words in a few weeks when I learn more and absolutely LOVE it.

Regardless, our assignment was to go out, take pictures, and do stuff to them in Photoshop.

Here are my before and afters:

Before: Weird painted sign on the street advertising a special day at a local Mexican restaurant in which a parrot piñata is the star of the show.

After: Still a weird painted sign, but with leaves removed, the suggestion of a duplicate sign below it, and the yellow saturation and contrast upped for dramatic effect (which could have been done in Lightroom, too).

Fun, but it took me a long time to mask out those leaves and clone in more sidewalk! I would have rather just brushed the leaves away when I took the photo (but that wasn’t the assignment!).

Before: Our TA, who kindly agreed to be my model and follow my directions when I asked her to jump into this random red frame on the street.

After: Our TA with a blurred out background, patches and cleanup on the white walls around her, some minor beauty retouching, and a lot of saturation and contrast added to punch up the image.

So, though I am still a Photoshop novice, I can now clean up leaves and remove under-eye circles. It is fascinating to have a look into just how easy it is for our media to portray perfection where no such thing exists; it takes time, but any image can be completely changed!

We don’t do Photoshop again for a few more weeks. I hope that I’ll learn to like it a bit better …


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