Forests and Lighthouses

The Maine anniversary weekend was about more than just eating and drinking, if you can believe it. We also did some impromptu hiking – yes, me, hiking.

I am not against hiking, I just haven’t done all that much of it. I like to walk around, I like trees, I like nice views, therefore, I do like hiking. I don’t like being all that cold or sweaty, though …

Tyler, however, LOVES hiking, and while we were driving through Camden, Maine, he suddenly proposed that we tackle nearby Mount Battie. Not that it is high enough to need real tackling, but in our decidedly inappropriate shoes and outfits, we tackled it, alright.

It was about two miles to the top, and we made good time (Tyler was impressed by me, since he considers me a non-hiker – well, not anymore!). The woods were beautiful with lots of color and texture. There were plenty of mushrooms around, which I think are kind of scary:

The top of Mount Battie has a stone lookout tower commemorating WWI at its peak. Tyler took this photo of me resting beneath the stairs:

I don’t look quite hike-ready, do I? Nonetheless, hiking’s what we did, and we just had to ignore the strange looks from our fellow trekkers. My boots did just fine!

The view of Camden was amazing from the top:

Besides its landscapes, Maine is known for the lighthouses along its coast. Rockland, our home base for the trip, has its own, so of course we visited it.

A rocky shore led us to a very long stone jetty, our path to the lighthouse. It took well over 15 minutes to walk it, and a bit of concentration was necessary to navigate the uneven stones.

By the time we got there, my ears were stinging with the cold wind and I was eager to get inside. The lighthouse itself was surprisingly spacious! We went up the tower and saw the light – I also reaffirmed that my husband is a giant:

The caretaker kindly took a picture of us:

That scarf saved my ears on the way back to shore!

Tyler took a few minutes to skip stones into Penobscot Bay. I loved how he was the only pop of color in the cold, blue setting. I spent all of last week learning printing techniques at school, and this image is one I chose to work on. We now have a large print of it, waiting for a mat and frame!

I entered the above photo in a student photography contest. If you have a Facebook account, please VOTE for me! You can vote once per day through Halloween. If I finish in the top 15, I get to attend an all-day shoot and learn photography workshop with an award-winning photographer. From the workshop participants, one person will be chosen to go to Hawaii to work on a Maui Jim Sunglasses catalog shoot. Thanks for helping me pursue this opportunity!

By the way, I was a failure at skipping stones … I think it’s one of those things you had to have learned growing up. That, or I needed flatter stones …


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