Anniversary Wine & Cheese Weekend

Tyler and I celebrated our first anniversary on October 11th and I think we did a very smart thing choosing a holiday weekend for our wedding, because now we have a long weekend every anniversary! We took full advantage of this over Columbus Day and went up to Maine for what was basically a wine and cheese extravaganza, with a bit of hiking and sightseeing thrown in for good measure.

The foliage was just starting to come out, and though the mornings were cold, it was lovely fall weather (if you’re into big sweaters and boots and all).

We started at Savage Oaks Winery, which is also a working farm. There was a herd of Beltway cows (black cows with a white “belt” around their middles), pigs, and more along with the grapes.

We toured the vineyard and ate some of the unharvested grapes off the vine … yum!

I have a bit of a romantic take on farm and farm life because I haven’t been exposed to it much. But after a visit at Savage Oaks, I was very impressed by how much work maintaining a vineyard is. Add in pigs as heavy as my husband, a herd of cattle, blueberry fields, plus chickens in the barn basement, and I think you have a LOT of work to do … I mean, I always knew it wasn’t all wine tasting and singing while you scatter birdseed for your chicks, your sweet little goats nuzzling your apron strings … and it does still have a tinge of glamour for me, the rural life, but WOW. Hard work.

Our second winery (different day) was a fledgling operation nearby, Cellar Doors. They don’t yet have a mature vineyard, so for now they import their grapes, but still make wine on the premises. Their wines were of many different varieties, which is only possible because the grapes are currently grown outside of Maine; the short growing season and cold temperatures make only 10-20 varieties of grape suitable for the Maine climate.

Cellar Doors was doing a chocolate and wine pairing tasting. All I can say is OMG, amazing.

Now, with all that wine and chocolate, my only other favorite food left to enjoy (available in Maine, that is, not including avocado) was CHEESE. And we were in luck, because we were there for Open Creamery Day when all the cheese producers in the state invite the public onto their farms and into their factories and let you sample all the product you want! What an opportunity for us to eat a lot of cheese.

We went to Appleton Creamery where they keep goats and make goat cheese, my absolute favorite kind.

The cheese was so incredible, it made me want to get a herd of goats.

But the goats tried to eat my shirt (just like they did at Girl Scout Camp!) and kind of smelled, so instead I think I would realllly like some chickens:

And I want to put my chickens in an Eglu. In my backyard. Tyler says he won’t allow it, but I have a feeling that if we have a bigger yard in the near future, there may be an Eglu in it … I can dream, right?!?

Alright, and maybe one goat, if he can be as photogenic as this one:

I think I may have a thing for glamour shots of animals.

But they’re just so cute!

And muddy.

We’ll get to the hiking/sightseeing later … after all that wine and cheese and chocolate, I think we may need a nap!



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6 responses to “Anniversary Wine & Cheese Weekend

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  2. Sally Ferguson

    This was pretty neat. The pictures were great and cheese and wine made me want to go there for some samples. I grew up on a farm with lots of chickens to tend to but never have I ever heard of a eglu or whatever it is. I checked out the picture of it but never did understand it. Maybe I need to know more and maybe can have one in my back yard.

  3. Sally Ferguson

    One more thing: the picture of Tyler made me think of a long time ago when he was little, I took him and Conor to a local safari where big animals came up to the car as we drove through. Then we got out of the car and checked out some pens of small animals. Can’t remember for sure if it was a goat or a pony or a small calf (I am thinking goat) but we bought some food to feed them and when Tyler fed one he got bit and cried and I felt so bad that I never told him that he should hold his hand flat when he tried to feed them so that was why he got bit. Guess I never have gotten over feeling bad about that and this reminded me of it.

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