The Faces Project

Amid the note-taking, the ABC-finding, the software learning, and everything else school related, we were also been tasked with a longer term project which is due in class today: The Faces Project.

Our directive: Take photos of 50 faces.

That was it. We were encouraged to think of a “face” in any way we wanted to, to have a concept, or not. The important thing was to get out there and start shooting.

My mind immediately ran through a bunch of ideas I soon discarded: clock faces, animal faces, cliff faces (where would I find one cliff, let alone fifty?), faces from billboards, faces on statues, going around sticking googly eyes onto everyday objects (instant anthropomorphic faces!) …

My mother suggested an excellent concept that I think I’ll still pursue, but felt overwhelmed by with the time frame of two weeks to complete the assignment: taking photos of people aged one through fifty. Wouldn’t that be lovely? My mother is the ultimate idea person.

However, the concept I settled on was getting one model to make fifty different expressions for me.

The model? None other than my ever-patient, good-natured husband. Good thing he was in theater in high school; not everyone has such an expressive face! Or the willingness to have cues barked at you and the results of the session projected on a big screen and critiqued in front of forty people and then posted on the internet.

I married an amazing man, though, and he was willing to do this for me, though he did find it necessary to remind me that I couldn’t use him for all of my projects. Point taken.

Here are some of my favorite shots. If you can’t guess what the cues were, take a look at the pic of all the faces (though the text is very small when viewed here!) and the video slideshow I presented to the class, both of which have the cues written out on them and are posted below.

And, the filmstrip:

And the video:

I love love love taking portraits. This exercise has only solidified that!

Wish me good luck in my critique this afternoon!



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2 responses to “The Faces Project

  1. These are wonderful! One of my favorite photography pieces is the Walker Evans subway series. Candid shots of faces while they rode the subway.

  2. Mom

    The many faces of Tyler — how clever!!!

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