Somerville’s 2010 “What the Fluff?” Festival

Photo school is going great and I have plenty to report on, but first we must focus on the weird, wacky, and amazing that is pure Somerville: The 5th annual “What the Fluff?” festival.

As everyone knows, the gooey deliciousness that is marshmallow fluff was invented in Union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts in 1917 by a man named Archibald Query, of all things. (What, you didn’t know that? Then you obviously do not live in Somerville.)

For the fifth year running, Somerville paid tribute to this man of brilliant ideas and excellent taste buds by throwing the extravagant “What the Fluff?” festival right in Union Square. Last weekend was all about the marshmallow.

There was marshmallow fluff in all its possible iterations: fluffernutters, rice krispie treats, fluff cupcakes and every other baked good you could think of, and whoopie pies, the theme and lynchpin of this year’s Fluff Fest. Local cafes and bars served a variety of fluff-inspired drinks, including the coffee-based Fluffachino and the who-knows-what-it-is Fluffy Irishman. Bands took the stage to sing about their love of the fluff; people wore fluff jars as hats.

The highlight was obviously a performance by the Flufferettes:

There was also a vote for the Pharaoh of Fluff. Apparently anyone could apply and try to garner votes; poems, declarations of love for the fluff, and costumes were encouraged:

Some really talented swing dancers were doing their thing off to the side, which immediately brought me back to middle school/early high school when I took swing lessons with a bunch of girlfriends. I always danced the man’s part and to this day, I have a very hard time following Tyler when he leads … I do, however, know an eight-turn swing sequence, if only Tyler’d agree to get twirled around!

I love a good local fair, no matter what the subject. And though I did not grow up eating marshmallow fluff (I think I’ve had in maybe once, now twice after the Fluff Fest), I am happy to participate in anything that lets us be a bit ridiculous.

Somervillians are good at appreciating the slightly absurd and over-the-top. It’s a fun place to live (if only it didn’t snow for so long…)!

One more sight I just had to capture was this woman’s tattoo:

Now, that is a true Bostonian. I assume the circles are places she’s lived or have special meaning to her?



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  1. Love the tattoo … need to find out what the circles mean … I may not sleep tonight.

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