At Last

Photography school at last!

The first week has flown by. I’m getting used to waking up at 6:30 (something I haven’t done consistently since high school – I know, I’ve been spoiled), which means going to bed by 11. I need lots of sleep.

In just four days, I’ve taken twenty-three pages of notes. The idea is a very reasonable one: we need to know the theoretical basis of digital photography before we go out and start shooting like madmen. We’ve been shooting, too, but the majority of this week has been spent covering:

  • Photo equipment
  • The history of the camera
  • Camera parts and how they work (in excruciating detail; I can now tell you the four parts of the digital sensor – the Pixel Layer, the Bayer Filter Array, the Micro Lens, and the Low Pass Anti-Aliasing Filter – and what they each do)
  • The principles of correct and optimal exposures (light, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, the concept of reciprocity)
  • Depth of Field and Rendition of Motion
  • Metering modes, methods, and patterns
  • Bit depth and resolution
  • Digital color theory

Whew. I haven’t taken such copious notes since … never, maybe! It’s a whirlwind of information, and I love it. Being a student has never been so much fun. I’ve learned a lot and can only imagine what else I’ll soon be experiencing. This life is so entirely different from the one I had just a few short weeks ago; it’s amazing how things can change!

Until I have some new school-approved images to share with you (we’re working on that next week), I have some lovely shots of our garden in the last days of summer:

I don’t take care of the garden (one of our condo-mates does it all), but I do appreciate it. These roses are spectacular. They are so tall, the space beneath them becomes a little shaded fairyland. I want to shrink down and run around in it!

We also have echinacea, one of my favorites:

And whatever these wild flowers are, they are certainly sweet:

A neighbor down the street has the most elaborate front yard garden I’ve seen in the city yet. They have tomatoes, beans, squash and CORN growing all over the place (and there is often a strong fertilizer scent on the wind, to boot). Look at this amazing corn:

One day I’ll have an impressive garden (I am quite obsessed with the Seed Savers catalog), but for now, I’m more than content to just go to photo school and enjoy the last few days of warmth and sun and flowers and corn!

More to come as soon as I learn how to make a Lightroom catalog and embark on RAW development …


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  1. So nice flower photos!!! The rose photo is the best, absolutely, so beautiful.

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