Jersey BBQ

The alternate title for this post could be “Grandma Has Three Glasses of Wine.” Oh yes.

Nothing beats a summer barbecue (we’re having the last one of the season at our house tonight), except one with all my mother’s high school friends in attendance!

My mom has the unique ability to stay in contact, with everyone. It’s an amazing talent, and one my sisters and I have definitely benefited from. We know all of our extended family, from second and third and step-cousins to great-great-everythings. We also know all of our mother’s best friends from elementary school through college. In this group, there is a very special subset of women we call our “Other Mothers.”

Vacationing with the Other Mothers and their girls was a yearly tradition; we’ve been to Tahoe, Palm Springs (many times), and of course, the Jersey Shore, together. The trips have become less common now that many of us kids are no longer on school schedules, but we still maintain an incredible bond with these women, one for which I truly thank my mother. The stories alone are priceless!

While in Jersey, one of my Other Mothers had a barbecue. Homemade potato salad, cole slaw, and carrot cake – YUM!

Oh, and all these fun people were there:

That’s my sister Rachael with Other Mother and BBQ hostess, Lori.

That’s Other Mother Karen, who has the most infectious, kind smile I’ve ever seen.

They’re getting married:

I met two of my mom’s high school classmates for the first time. The happy reunions are so so so fun to watch:

Grandma, after the aforementioned three glasses of wine, found a smoking partner in her new boyfriend, Tony:

Yes, these shindigs do get quite wild. Really.

And we can’t forget the four-legged BBQ attendee, Maggie:

There’s nothing better than friends, new and old, and food and drink!



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3 responses to “Jersey BBQ

  1. Your NJ Other mother

    You brought tears to my eyes. You are so special and I am so honored to be one of your other mothers
    Love you

  2. Karen Mackolin

    Loved it! You are so sweet and clever….just like your mother (and other mothers?)
    Glad we were able to have a “Jersey” gathering.
    Love you.

  3. I love you gals! We really do have something special. The mini Jersey Reunion made my summer! XOXO, Julie

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