Babes in Jersey Land

The school orientation I attended on Tuesday has me more excited than ever to start on, gasp, Monday! Yes, Monday.

But in the meantime, I still want to share some photos I took of the most adorable little friends I have while I was in New Jersey.

I highly recommend taking a vacation in between the big things in life, for example, between working and starting school. Especially if you get to hang out with exceptionally sweet children like I did. For me, there’s nothing like a kid to make me feel like a kid again (which can be very fun and pretty relaxing)!

This little nugget of sunshine is not only one of the cutest three and a half year olds I’ve ever met, but also the smartest. She is so curious about everything, and asks better questions than most college students. I’m serious.

We had the best time playing at the house and on the beach.

I also spent a brief afternoon with my second cousin, age eighteen months:

Have you ever seen a cuter little gentleman?

He was tired from swimming and got quite grumpy and had to go down for a nap shortly after we arrived, but at least I got to meet him for a bit!

So now you know, I’m not just a crazy cat lady, but also a crazy baby lady, too. Guilty as charged!


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One response to “Babes in Jersey Land

  1. alyse

    you’re amazing…always were! enjoy your photos and your blogs!! keep em’ coming! xoxoxo Lysie

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