Family Portraits, New Jersey

Alas, my New Jersey beach week has come to an end. Huzzah, photography school starts in one week (and Orientation is tomorrow!)!

My New Jersey interlude was lovely, especially because I got to spend time with family and friends. Naturally, I photographed all of them.

My mother and grandmother were touring the East Coast for ten days, and we met up on the shore. My grandma doesn’t leave California much anymore, but her aunt’s 100th birthday was enough to get her moving! After the party on Long Island, they visited family in New York and New Jersey, then found me at the beach.

The women in my family (and they’re mostly all women) are incredible, especially my grandmother. I love hearing her stories! I interviewed her a few years ago and was amazed by all she’s experienced. She was very open with me, which I so appreciated. I think it’s very important to know where you come from, including your family history.

We visited my grandma’s brother-in-law and his family, our cousins. It was very cute to watch my grandmother reconnect with people she hadn’t seen in years, people she’d been young with.

My sister Rachael and her boyfriend came down from New York, too, to join in the fun:

They are very tall.

Altogether, it was a wonderful family weekend!

Portraits of friends and the cutest kids ever coming up next …



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2 responses to “Family Portraits, New Jersey

  1. Beth

    I love that at the end of your blog there’s a heading: Possible Related Posts and one of the headlines is Williams gets 1 year for DUI

  2. Can’t control the related links … that’s pretty funny!

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