NJ Beach House

I’m done!

I’m free!

I’m unemployed!

It’s finally here. Last Friday was my final day of work and I am now officially on vacation until I start photography school on September 20th!

Where am I spending my precious vacation time, you ask? The Jersey Shore!

No, not THAT one, with those ridiculous kids running around, tailed by MTV cameras. MY Jersey Shore, in Margate, near Atlantic City. My parents grew up in NJ, so I feel a strong attachment to the state that the rest of the country seems to scorn. I promise you, though, the country is wrong. Southern Jersey, at least, is quite lovely, and the beach is near perfect: a bit of light green sea grass, screeching gulls, sun and wind … ahhhhhh.

I am here for eight, wonderful, sun-drenched days. The only things I’m doing are going to the beach, reading, eating, sleeping, and of course, photographing everything.

My host is a high school friend of my mother’s, and her house is lovely. I am particularly enjoying all the beachy accents she’s added to her decor.

These boat cabinet pulls are a perfect detail:

One bathroom mirror is surrounded by shells and coral, which I find enchanting:

Artwork around the house reflects its location with watery themes …

… and pays its respects to the all-important sun, as well:

A chair reminds us we’re at the beach with a cheerful turtle print:

I am delighted to be here, on the third floor of this amazing house, the beach four blocks down the road. My family was here over the weekend, my husband is joining me on Thursday, and for now, I’m enjoying my free time immensely.

Stay tuned for more beach adventures!



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2 responses to “NJ Beach House

  1. Patricia Buzby

    I straightened all those boat pulls so they would be photo ready! Glad they made the blog. Enjoy your week… the house and the beach this time of year is so beautiful.

  2. I am so sorry I came a day too late to see you! XOXO

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