Agnes the Basement Cat

A few weeks ago I shared the amazing Milton the Sink Cat with you. Today, let’s meet Agnes the Basement Cat:

Why Basement Cat? While Agnes never goes in the actual basement, he does get into trouble, at least once every day, and looks like he’s considering it pretty much all the time. Crafty, cunning, perhaps a bit evil: that’s Agnes. Always hiding behind something, thinking about jumping out to get you, or his own tail. Either one.

But Agnes can be sweet, too. He’s actually more affectionate than the Milt. He’s the one who curls up on my lap and ends up on my pillow at night (and often kneads my head to get me to wake up and feed him, that part’s not so great).

He was the runt of the litter, and the only one without Milton’s signature stripes, hence the name Agnes, which stands for Ain’t Got No Stripes. He doesn’t seem to mind:

His favorite things are chasing foil balls and sleeping under the bed. I feel like I’m writing a kitty personal ad, but really, who wouldn’t want to take home this handsome fellow? I certainly couldn’t resist.

So,  I’m a crazy cat lady, and that’s that!

A friend told me this style of pet photography is called “Kitty Boudoir” – love it!


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