Miss Lydia at 13 Months

Two weeks ago I got the pleasure of photographing my second cousin once removed, Miss Lydia. Well, just Lydia, but I like to add the Miss. I have a very close extended family, which is fabulous for many reasons, not just because it affords me opportunities to be around this cuteness:

Lydia is thirteen months old and adorable (obviously). At her first birthday party last month, I couldn’t help but ask if I could photograph her, and I was so excited when her parents said yes!

If you want to read all about Lydia and the experience of parenting such a delicious child, check out my cousin Whitney’s blog, The Crib Sheet.

My experience with Lydia was delightful. I love love love babies and children of all ages, so  spending time with kids is a treat for me.

Lydia was a bit wary of me and my ginormous camera, quite understandably, but she eventually got used to my presence and got up to her normal antics. I followed her around, charmed by the struggles to stand up:

Equally charmed by the dire need to rest after struggling to stand up:

Lydia’s very mobile, and we spent much of the afternoon running after her. I learned that I should think seriously about wearing pants or bringing knee pads of some sort while photographing children, since I was crawling around on the floor all day chasing after Lyd!

This girl is a thinker. She takes her time, observes her surroundings, and is very curious. Especially about her father’s printer …

Luckily, we were able to re-affix the plastic piece she snapped off!

All babies and children are equally adorable, but for me, there’s something extra special about little girls … I think it’s because I grew up with only sisters and aunts and female cousins. And the clothes:

We continued our afternoon at a local park. Summertime means that Lydia gets outside every day, and she loves to play!

We had a near disaster at the water fountain and narrowly escaped a very dirty pants situation (and who can blame her? Doesn’t that puddly bit look like it would be fun to play in on a hot day?) …

Lydia was scooped up by her father, saved from the discomfort of damp pants, in the nick of time!

It was a wonderful afternoon. Hopefully I’ll get to spend even more time with my little cousin again soon.

I think I could be very happy photographing children professionally … cuteness overload!


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