Camilla’s Bridal #2

I promise I wasn’t hired by Camilla’s to talk up their store; it’s very flattering to imagine that I might have the readership that would make that sort of thing worthwhile!

But no, instead I just really love this wedding boutique, and had such a great time there while working on my final project for my documentary photography class last April/May. I think it merits two posts, no? Yesterday’s showcased half of the images that made it into my final project; today’s will share the second half.

I visited Camilla’s three times to complete my project; twice for photos, once for the interview with Nivia, with a few photos thrown in for good measure, because I just couldn’t help myself!

Flowers, lace, flourishes … I love it all.

I met a number of wonderful people while hanging around Camilla’s, besides the lovely staff. One bride let me come with her into the seamstress’s amazing basement sewing studio for her fitting:

This little girl was as captivated as I always am by shiny baubles and glittering accessories:

I didn’t wear a veil for my wedding, but these beautiful specimens make me (almost) wish I did:

My wedding shoes were red with little hearts punched out all over them, but I could have been convinced to go with something with rhinestones … maybe dyed red, too?

All in all, I would highly recommend for any Boston bride to go check out Camilla’s!

You might have a sing- and dance-a-long with your sisters to ABBA while you all try on dresses … just saying, it’s a distinct possibility!


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