Boston U19 Rugby, Game #2

Tyler’s U19 rugby team had another game two weekends ago on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I had much more success photographing this one, first because it was in broad daylight, and second, because my dear friend Lynn accompanied us. Sports are easier for me to take with friends, especially friends as enthusiastic as Lynn.

Lynn had never seen rugby played before, but once it got going, she was up with me on the sidelines, screaming direction and encouragement at the players! And in her cute Southern accent, no less.

I got much better action shots this time around, like this one:

I think it shows a nice, sweeping panorama of the field.

The hardcore, rugby brutality was in full effect, as usual, just waiting to be documented:

Take down!


Also, as usual for me, I was just as interested in the people off the field as those on the field, if not more.

The referee’s bright colors caught my eye:

This little spectator was too cute to ignore:

And did anyone mention how cute the coach is? Oh, yes, that was me, in the last rugby post. But it’s true, no? I wonder who gave him that new haircut … oh, that was me, again.

All in all it was a lovely day to spend on the pitch!

Even for a non-sportswoman like me!


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