Milton the Sink Cat

Some people have given me a hard time for featuring the darling Nellie Cat before I’ve written about my own cats. It seems that there are cat-enthusiasts even more enthusiastic than me, and I’m a bona fide crazy cat lady!

Since I must satisfy my (few) fans, I present to you how I spent my evening from 8:04pm through 8:12pm …

Meet Milton:

He likes to be in the sink all day, perhaps because he fills it up completely with his nearly 20 pounds of catness. His favorite drink is sink water from the faucet.

“Hey, look at my pretty paw!” he says.

But just in case you think he’s a wuss because I cut his nails for him, he wants to remind you that he a ferocious animal:

Or maybe he’s just tired. From sitting in the sink all day.

Milton and his brother, Agnes (yes, brother), were found under the stairs of a farm house in Maine. They came to live with us when they were about eight weeks old (that was almost two years ago!). Milton is a tiger mackerel, which basically means he has very distinctive markings, including the dark “M” on his forehead:

What does he like to do with himself besides look beautiful?

Sometimes he looks surprised!

Mostly he’s totally chill:

And he like to lick things, including you. Licks me, likes me!

And now he’s happy because he has glamor shots just as good as Nellie’s …

Up some time in the future will be Agnes Cat, otherwise known as Basement Cat. Yes, Agnes is slightly evil, but we’ll get to that later …


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