Somerville Art Beat Festival 2010

I thought we’d take a break from the Israeli reminiscences (though I have may have more to share, so I hope you’re not bored of them) and show you what Davis Square in Somerville looked like last weekend during the 9th annual Art Beat Festival.

This year’s theme was “Water,” which I didn’t really see represented all that much, but, I’ll take it. Previous themes have included “Green,” “Art Beast,” “Play,” and “Food,” but whatever the theme, it’s basically a bunch of musicians, performers, craft vendors, and food stalls displaying the best that Somerville has to offer.

Like these Davis Square shirts:

From the top around clockwise, that’s College Avenue, Highland Avenue, Elm Street, Day Street, Dover Street, and Holland Avenue, which all intersect in Davis. Yes, it is hell to drive in the greater Boston area.

And these really cute handmade stuffed animals, created by the daughter of one of my coworkers:

She was too busy and I was too shy to introduce myself, but I do love her work!

The water theme did appear in this amazing boy-in-a-bubble play pool:

And even though the weight limit was 200 pounds and I was therefore eligible to participate, it was more fun to watch the kids enjoy it.

Someone had even decorated the Davis Square statues that I’m kind of scared of (I always, always think they’re real people for a second) with cool-kid sunglasses and a green apple:

Household junk was turned into art:

And teenage girls got henna tattoos, as they are wont to do:

When I came home with a henna tattoo after Ali Golden’s Bat Mitzvah in 7th grade, my mother yelled at me and made me try to scrub it off. She really hates tattoos.

And to top off my Art Beat 2010 experience, I saw this random, flexible fellow on the way out:

A classic Somerville Saturday.


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  1. FrancesLee

    I love the tidbit about the henna tattoo. Too funny. I had my first henna tattoo when I was in the 7th grade. lol

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