Photoshoot: Old Jaffa Hostel

The Birthright Trip to Israel is ten exciting days of group travel, free of charge except for a few lunches here and there, an experience I would highly recommend to anyone who is eligible (aged 18-26, high school diploma, at least one Jewish parent, haven’t been to Israel before).

My sisters and I knew we were in for a very active, sleep-deprived journey, so we decided to extend our trip for five additional days in order to give ourselves the opportunity to do things at a slower, more relaxing pace. Basically, we wanted to sleep in and go to the beach.

After saying goodbye to our newfound friends from the tour, and a quick jaunt up the Mediterranean coast to the decaying but beautiful beach town of Netanya, we settled in Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv.

The Old Jaffa Hostel, a magnificent Turkish home turned guesthouse, was our home base. The hostel was simply gorgeous, with high ceilings, wonderfully colored walls, mosaics, and random artifacts peppering the staircases. We had heard that fashion magazines often brought in their models to do photoshoots there.

And then we saw one, a photoshoot in progress, one afternoon on the roof deck, with terrifically skinny models in neon shorts and Bob Dylan silk-screened T-shirts and bright red lipstick:

You can probably tell what Sarah is thinking from the look on her face, but if you can’t, it was something like this: “Well, if they’re doing a photoshoot, I certainly don’t see why WE shouldn’t do one . . .”

As you may remember, we are a photo-shooting type of family. From mom’s holiday shoots to our sisterly attempts in the backyard, we love to dress up and pose in general.

So we did.

We scrounged through our mostly dirty clothes (this was the end of the trip, after all) and put together a few worthy outfits. Sarah, the makeup maven of the three of us, did us up. Then, ignoring the other hostel residents, we ran around the building directing each other, proclaiming things like, “This light is so good, it’s unreal!” and yelling, “Break, doll, break!” à la Tyra.

Here are a selection of my favorite images from our session. Aren’t my sisters beauteous?



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4 responses to “Photoshoot: Old Jaffa Hostel

  1. Rachael

    You didn’t include the best pictures!

  2. Rachael

    Whatever, you should include a link to a picasa album or something…

  3. Rachael

    Not to say the pictures you chose are bad! They are wonderful! I just want to see more! 🙂

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