Summer Sister Fun

Since I’m traveling with my sisters right now, I thought I should maybe introduce them to you. So, this post is dedicated to Rachael and Sarah, and specifically, to a photo shoot I did with them in summer 2004.

This was back before I had a digital camera of any kind (I’m not exactly an early adopter of, well, anything). I took these photos with my Canon film camera that weighs about ten pounds. Longs Drugs (which has since become one of many ubiquitous CVS stores) down the street from the house I grew up in processed the film and thoughtfully included a CD with digital files of all the pics, as well, which is why I have these so easily accessible today.

Can you believe that was just six years ago? Today I don’t know anyone who still has a film camera, much less gets their film done at the local drug store. It’s all digital and online processors!

Regardless, all you need to know about me and my sisters is that we all like dressing up and we still have a dress-up box at home. Also, many items of clothing in our own closets could easily count as dress-up material, all of which makes for an excellent backyard photo shoot!

So, I present to you, my sisters, aged eighteen and thirteen at the time of these photos:

Aren’t they cute and fun and playful?


Well, how about tough in a mid-90s, tongue-in-cheek kind of way:

(I cannot keep from bursting out laughing every time I  see the above photo.)

You’ll just have to believe me when I say that most girls I know were at one point or another inclined to do impromptu photo shoots in backyards. My pre-teen and teenage years are filled with photos like this. I think there’s a strong instinct in some people to play-act, and the easiest way to do it is through costume.

If you’ve never dressed up just for fun, I heartily suggest you try it sometime before you write us off as crazy! Plus, you’ll have wonderful visual treasure like these to cherish for all time!

Rachael and Sarah both have very strong web presences of their own, so if you want to get to know them better, I suggest you look no further than YouTube.

Rachael can be found singing sublimely as Rae Sterling at

Sarah can be found making inane comments in funny voices as part of the Smoke Monster Threesome at

Don’t you wish you were traveling with us this summer? Because if we were this much fun six summers ago, you can only imagine how much fun we’re being RIGHT NOW. And the photographic and video footage that will come out of this trip, oh, you have no idea …

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